Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1. Enkosoft Company observes the confidentiality of its clients’ data. The intimacy of each client is our creed.

2. The general information about the clients which will be collected by Enkosoft Company on the Enkosoft.Company website are: general traffic data, the internet provider, the type of browser and the used device, the web page from which our website was reached, the pages viewed on our website, the time spent on the site, the town/country where the site was viewed.

3. Enkosoft Company will also collect billing information from the clients, information provided by them when placing an order. This information will be used for billing and accounting. No such information will be disclosed to third parties.

4. Tax information is retained in the company’s database only for lawful purposes, for a period of three years as of their last update (the last order placed by the client on website).

5. The information concerning taxation which can be requested by our company from its clients, are: Name, Surname, Telephone Number, Date of Birth, Address, E-mail, Company Name, Data regarding the Company’s Fiscal Identification.

6. The information requested will be used by us in the following situations: drafting the contracts for the supply of our services, drawing up fiscal and proforma invoices representing the counter value of the purchased services, informing the clients in the event of service maintenance/interruptions, informing the clients with regard to our company’s offers and services.

7. Personal information will be disclosed only upon the request of the competent authorities in case of legal inquiries.

8. The recorded information can be communicated, as appropriate, to the following recipients: national/European/global authorities for the registration of web domains or they can be sent to their authorized partners: Ro Tld, ICANN, EUrid, Enom. In the case of these international domains, the rules for displaying personal data fall into the responsibility of the concerned authorities. The rules can be accessed on their websites.

9. For certain domains processed by ICANN there is the option of hiding the identity of the holder, after paying a fee to the intermediate ENOM.

10. If the client does not agree with the rules of registration of international domains, the order will not be registered.

11. Personal information is accessible to the client and the Enkosoft Company SRL staff, who can change it when they find inconsistencies between this and the reality.

12. Personal login information is encrypted to ensure its security.

13. The communication between the client’s browser and our server is encrypted using the HTTPS security protocol, with the help of the COMODO POSITIVE SSL security certificate.

14. Online payments are secured by the supplier Enkosoft Company has no access to the information provided for the payment (bank card number, or other sensitive information). Such information is processed within a secure environment, exclusively by For more information, clients are asked to visit the website.

15. If a client denigrates the Enkosoft Company’s image or that of its partners through public media, Enkosoft Company reserves the right to suspend any activity of that client, with no prior notice.

16. In the case of natural persons, according to Romanian Law no. 677/2001, clients can benefit from the right to access and modify the data, the right of not being subjected to an individual decision, and of course, the right to appeal to justice. The client has the right to object to the processing of personal data relating to himself and request its deletion. For this purpose, a written request is necessary. For more information it is necessary to contact us in advance.

17. We reserve the right not to sell any services/products to minors, unless they are supervised by a tutor.

18. Enkosoft Company reserves the right to amend this Confidentiality Policy document, with a prior notice on the date when the amendments come into effect. If our services continue to be used after the established date, this involves the client’s consent with regard to the new amendments. We believe that our clients are entitled to become aware of these changes in due time.

19. We ask our clients to contact us in case of concerns related to these confidentiality policies, in case of discrepancies or misunderstandings, in order to solve the problem quickly and efficiently.

20. Enkosoft Company Confidentiality Policies are valid for an indefinite period of time, until further amendments which will be announced.