1. The Enkosoft.Company website uses cookies. This section provides the clients with more information about how to manage them on this website.

2. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer, tablet or smartphone when you visit a website. Cookies represent the manner in which the website remembers your visit, and the manner in which the website it is used each time it is revisited by the client.

3. The information retained by cookies helps us remember the products purchased by the client and the manner in which the website is used by him.

4. Cookies are necessary to help the client use our services.

5. Attention! A cookie is a passive file, it does not contain software programs, viruses or spyware, and it cannot access files on the user’s hard disk.

6. Cookies do not require information about the user’s data, but stores information for the identification of his device.

7. As a first step, a cookie stores information about the user’s preferences, such as the language used on the website, the currency etc., and upon the user’s return to the website, this information is read and the site is set in accordance with these preferences.

8. The site will recognize this cookie as long as the cookie exists in the browser. The lifespan of a cookie is variable, depending on the purpose for which it is placed. There are cookies used for one single session on the website and which disappear when the client leaves the website and permanent cookies which are retained and reused every time the user returns to the website. These cookies can be deleted by the user at any time, by using the browser’s settings.

9. All current browsers provide their users with the opportunity to change the cookie settings. These settings are usually found in the menu "Options" or "Preferences" of the browser.

10. Visiting this site may result in the placement of cookies for different purposes: for the analysis of the users’ behaviour on the website, for geo-targeting, for registration, for authentication and language/ working currency, for advertising.

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12. Cookies are used by most websites and disabling them may result in the faulty operation of the websites.

13. More information about the use of cookies by websites can be found in the EU policies on this subject (